About the C&AB

The Complaints and Appeals Board for .nl domain names (C&AB) is an independent body that considers appeals made by the registrants and registrars of .nl domain names against certain types of decision made by SIDN, the registry for such names. The C&AB also considers complaints about existing .nl domain names that are alleged to be inconsistent with public order or decency.

The Board’s activities are based on SIDN’s General Terms and Conditions, namely:

The General Terms and Conditions for .nl Registrants
The General Terms and Conditions for Registrars

The procedures for making complaints and appeals are set out in the Complaints and Appeals Regulations. On this website, you will find additional information about the matters you can ask the C&AB to consider.

The present members of the Complaints and Appeals Board are:

  • Professor Meester Peter Blok, judge at The Hague court, professor at Utrecht University
  • Meester Huib Gardeniers, Net2Legal Consultants (Secretary)
  • Meester Sylvia Huydecoper, ICT lawyer, Huydecoper IT and Law
  • Meester Hendrik Struik, judge at Amsterdam court (Chair)
  • Meester Thomas de Weerd, Houthoff
  • Dennis Wijnberg, Dutch Police, digital detective

History of the C&AB
The Complaints and Appeals Board was established in 2001 to take over from the former Appeals Board. The latter organisation’s main task had been considering appeals against the rejection of applications to register .nl domain names. The rejection of applications was a significant issue prior to 2001, because there were rules about who could register domain names, and the types of name that they could register. When the restrictions were removed, the new C&AB was given the job of considering the validity of complaints about registered domain names that were alleged to be inconsistent with public order or decency. The opportunity to make such complaints was created in order to prevent abuse of the new policy of allowing anyone anywhere to register almost any unique .nl domain name of his or her choice.

The C&AB was also given the authority to review certain aspects of the way SIDN behaved towards its registrants – and, later, certain aspects of the way it behaved towards its registrars – in the event of an appeal. The C&AB therefore serves to ensure that SIDN remains mindful of the need to perform its functions fairly and responsibly.