About SIDN

SIDN (the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands) is the registry for .nl domain names. It has been managing the .nl domain – that is, all internet domain names that end in ‘.nl’ – since 1996. As well as registering and issuing domain names, SIDN ensures that the domains can always be reached by internet users everywhere.

One of the biggest country-code domains
With more than 5.5 million registrations, the .nl domain is one of the world's five biggest country-code domains. That means there's about one domain name for every three people in the Netherlands – an extremely high density. Every day, SIDN processes more than a billion search queries for .nl domain names. Business and consumer services are delivered through a network of about 1,450 independent commercial agencies, known as registrars.

Internet security
As well as managing the .nl domain, SIDN is directly and indirectly involved in making the internet more secure and more accessible. SIDN also plays an active role in the technical, political and policy development of the internet in the Netherlands and internationally.

For more information about SIDN and the registration of .nl domain names, visit www.sidn.nl.